About The Pastor

Pastor Corey D. Lewis was called by God in the summer of 1995 after much prayer and fasting he preached his first sermon June 9, 1997 staying committed to the ministry and serving as a youth leader and on various ministries on April 26, 2001 Pastor Lewis was ordained by Rev. Dr. Hopkins Pastor of the New Nazareth Baptist Church. After the death of Dr. Hopkins in 2005 Pastor Lewis became the Interim Pastor of New Nazareth. He served in this capacity until the Lord elevated him on April 22, 2006 when he organized Greater New Faith church. Greater New Faith held its first service on April 26, 2006 along with 33 charter members the ministry has grown immeasurable through the grace of God.

Pastor Lewis is a bold revolutionary leader, life coach and motivational speaker recognizes as a gifted charismatic orator of the gospel. Pastor Lewis is a humble man of God a family driven man with a strong desire to see families prosper in every area of life. Pastor Lewis is an advocate for change and awareness, one of his personal desires is to see that all youth be given an opportunity to have the American dream of having an education. Pastor Lewis believes that education is the key to solving the societal ills of poverty, drug abuse and immorality. Pastor Lewis is a spirit filled preacher, his extensive knowledge of the Gospel and his ability to counsel is innumerable and immeasurable his congregation considers him and his family a rare treasure. He and the first lady Desirnette have been married since 2014 and have a host of beautiful children and grandchildren.

Today many have been saved, delivered, encouraged, and empowered through the ministry of Pastor Corey D. Lewis personal mission statement is LIVE SO THAT ALL WHO KNOW YOU BUT, DON’T KNOW CHRIST WILL WANT TO KNOW HIM BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOU.